The God of the Impossible

The God of the Impossible

Luke 18:27
But he said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”
You may say, my situation is so bad; there is nothing that the Lord can do about it. It can’t get better. Hear what the Lord says in the book of Jeremiah, I am God; is there anything too hard for Me?
God can do anything.


God has done many great things for so many people; take, for example, the stories in the Bible, He has saved many, and He can save you. God has brought many through some terrible situations and made them His own. He can do the same for you.


So you might be wondering, how can God Almighty do that for someone as insignificant as me? All you need to do is talk to Him about it in prayer and believe that He will bring a change and see it to completion.
God can save anyone, and He can save you too, choose to Trust Him. Whatever your circumstance, choose to praise every day and refuse to complain and allow the devil to distract you.


Get your praise on every day. You can download praise music from the internet and play it in your house daily. Choose to walk in love towards others and find ways to serve the Lord.
Be conscious of your walk with God daily, and your victory will be with you faster than you can blink.

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