Understanding The Whole Consuming Power Of God

Understanding The Whole Consuming Power Of God

Romans 4:17
(As it is written, I have made you a father of many nations) in the presence of Him whom He believed – God, who gives life to the dead and calls the things which do not exist as though they did; who contrary to hope, in hope believed, so that he became the father of many nations, according to what was spoken, “so shall your descendants be.” God is so powerful that He can shine His light on you in whatever situation you may find yourself in. No matter how bad the situation is, God can turn it around for good. The book of Job says that there is hope for a dog as long as it is alive. It says that “a living dog is better than a dead lion.”


As long as you are alive and God is with you, there is hope for you. You are not alone in this world. God is with you, and He is for you. God sent the Holy Spirit as a gift to comfort, help, and guide you all the days of your life. God is a good father, and like every good father, He wants to guide you by His Spirit into a good place. The good book says quench, not the Spirit.


The Holy Spirit has an assignment in your life. He has come to be a guide, a coach, and a helper in your life, and unless you know Him, you will not know what to do and how to implement the wisdom of God in your life. Give the voice of the Holy Spirit a place in your life. Give Him a priority. Give the voice of God a place in your life. Hear from a victorious Christian how she went from defeated to victorious Christian. Her name is J.L, and her testimony is glorious.


“I was a crack addict—a prostitute. I did not know how to live when I got sober. I kept praying. I started my day with praise and worship. I forgave and asked for forgiveness. I repented daily. I stayed in the word. I asked God to teach me to trust Him fully. I never give up on believing and kept having faith even though I could not see. Therefore, I searched and searched until I found Him. I sought His face and cut out distractions. I made a gratitude list. I tell the devil to shut up, and I rebuke the enemy in the name of Jesus. I serve. I love wherever and whenever I can.”


Today she is a soul winner and is married with beautiful children. She is also a worship leader and a walking testimony.

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