He Cares for You!

He Cares for You!

1 Peter 5:7
Casting all your care upon Him; for He cares for you.


God cares about you because He is love.
People often carry burdens that are too heavy to bear. God invites us to give our burdens to Him. The human soul is not equipped to take all these burdens without breaking down.


The many burdens of life can weigh heavy on your heart. The need for money to pay bills, financial constraints, or problems in your family, and so much more, is a heavyweight to bear. With these kinds of burdens, the increase in the rates of suicides is not surprising. When wrong thoughts cloud your mind, know that God cares and invites you to cast your cares unto Him because He cares about you. The scriptures say that the Spirit of the Lord is your comforter. When all you feel is despair, no matter where you turn, the knowledge that the Lord cares for you can be a source of comfort.


Many may have abandoned you to your fate but know today that God loves you with unconditional love and invites you to a fellowship with Him. His love never fails.


God cares about your thoughts. When your conviction is that God loves you, you can walk through your day knowing that the love of God is constant for you. This truth will bring peace. The eternal and unconditional love of God will give you peace and joy.


In the valley seasons of life, when you cannot depend on fair-weather friends, God will never leave you nor forsake you, for His love is unchanging. He will be your comforter and friend, restoring your soul.

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