7 Practical Ways of Casting Your Cares on Him

7 Practical Ways of Casting Your Cares on Him

Have you ever received the kind of hospitality and care associated with these words, “If you need anything, please do not hesitate to let me know?” What came into your mind? How did you feel? How did you react?


It is this same assurance we receive when we decide to cast all our cares on God. But do we know how to do this practically?


The decision to cast all your cares on Him is a step of faith that you need to put into action. Christ reminds us in His word that faith without action is dead. He wants us to prove what we say by practically doing it.


Choosing to cast your worries and anxieties on Him is a deliberate decision to follow every day. Despite how the situation may appear, we can choose to surrender all to Him in the following ways:


1. Have a Quiet Time With Jesus
There is no precious time as time alone with Jesus. You do not have to always talk to Him, telling Him what you need Him to do for you. You can simply get into your quietest place, maybe a room or an outside area where you get to listen to His voice.


2. Read the Bible to Activate God’s Word in Your Life
Through reading God’s word, you get to directly hear his voice. The Bible is your life manual. For all the answers that you are seeking, He has the answers through His word. Your faith is strengthened when you understand what exactly God says about you.


3. Set Your Prayer Time
Prayer is the most common way of casting your cares on Jesus. Dedicate some time for prayer to make your requests known to Him.


4. Have Your Prayer Journal
You can cast your cares to Jesus in writing. At times, you find it difficult to pray and repeat your same needs over and over again. You can choose to write a letter to Jesus telling Him your feelings and wishes. Writing your prayer request down may not be your thing, but writing gives you a sense of peace knowing that Jesus knows.


5. Crying Out To Jesus
Not every day will you have the power and ability to pray or write your prayer journal. Some other days you will feel helpless and hopeless. All you can do during this time is pour out your feelings to Jesus.


6. Sing And Listen To Worship Music
Music is a powerful tool that reassures you of God’s promises. Choose to sing praises and worship songs to God in your time of need. Take Psalms, for instance; David sang his heart out to God.


7. Declare Winning Through God’s Power
No matter the situation at hand, you can choose to be positive and shout out victory over your situation.
How do you choose to cast your cares on Jesus today?
The choice of how to cast your care on Jesus solely remains your willingness to surrender fully to His purpose.

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